Aug 15 | thursday
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Block 71 San Francisco
162 South Park St
CA 94107
Event Program
Thursday, Aug 15
3.45pm - 4:00pm
4:00pm - 5:00pm
HR Panel
Workstream is organizing our very own HR panel roundtable for the first time. Topics that will be discussed includes
  • Strategies for hiring hourly workers
  • Tactics on hiring hourly workers
  • What are some best hiring practices, good job descriptions and good job titles
  • When to discuss about salary
  • Interview questions
  • How to mitigate no-show rates

Nate Pollak , CEO of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
Nate is the founder, owner, and CEO of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen Restaurants & Catering. Nate oversees all operations and growth of the San Francisco mini-chain and national franchisor; launching their first franchise locations in South Florida in 2018 - with more on the way. Nate is an expert launching their first franchise locations in South Florida in 2018 - with more on the way. Nate is an expert in consumer brands, franchising, and the food-service industry. TAGCK was launched after Nate, and his co-founder (and now wife!) was their 7th national grilled cheese championship as amateur cooks.

Ruoyu (Max) Wang, Serial Entrepreneur
Ruoyu (Max) was a serial startup founder at the Bay Area, Beijing and Wuhan. Back in his school days, Ruoyu (Max) had taken up multiple hourly jobs to fund his education in engineering. Having first-hand experience in the hourly workforce and also experiences in both engineering and entrepreneurship, Ruoyu (Max) observed how the the HR industry have evolved over the years and how technology have impacted it.

Jimmye Ahn, Director of People Operations of Crafty
Jimmye is the Director of People Operations at Crafty, a food, beverage, and events management platform for companies whose clients include Yelp, Uber, Glassdoor, UpWork, WeWork, and more. She was the first employee hired back in 2016, and Crafty now has 100 employees spread across Chicago and the Bay Area. Jimmye oversees and excutes HR, Talent Acquisition, People Development, and Culture. As part of her role, she has hired delivery drivers, baristas, merchandisers, and warehouse specialists in addition to exempt roles.

Shera Shupert, Director of Recruiting Operations at Instacart
Shera is the Director of Recruiting Operations at Instacart. Founded in 2012 in San Francisco, Instacart is a leader in North American online groceries and one of the fastest growing companies in e-commerce. Prior to Instacart, Shera was also leading recruitment at Blue Bottle Coffee, and also a leader in recruiting at Snap Inc and Twitter. Through her years of experience in the HR industry, Shera developed the ability to apply analytical and systems thinking while keeping a strong sense of the importance of the human-side of work.

Moderated by:
Aaron Delgadillo, Customer Success Manager at Workstream
Workstream is an automated hiring platform for companies employing hourly workers — retail, restaurants, cafes, logistic companies, hospitality firms, and on-demand startups. We are more than a B2B applicant tracking software for companies. We cut in half the time that companies take to hire, on-board and train hourly workers via automation, mobile workflows and machine learning. Workstream is a simpler and smarter way to hire a fast-growing modern workforce. We are changing the way that companies hire today by solving the inefficiencies of a service economy that is characterized by unpredictable labor.
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Mixer and networking session
Learn about the hiring practices from your fellow Human Resources colleagues and our esteemed Workstream team. Come prepared with an inquisitive mind and businesses cards.
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